Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Fengxian Sub-zone
Best Location For Fine Chemistry

The only industry park for fine chemical manufacturing in Shanghai

Achievement 2019
338 Enterprises set up in park
¥31.2 billion Industrial Output
¥1.6 billion Industrial Tax Income
An Important Part of SCIP
Make Your Marks in FSCIP
Enterprises in FSCIP
Fengxian New City
10km from FSCIP,with planned population of 750,000.
One of the five key new towns in Shanghai according to 2035 City Plan.
It is designed as a center city of South Shanghai, a comprehensive and service-oriented core city of North Hangzhou-Bay.
Haiwan University Town
Shanghai Haiwan University Town has about 68,000 students.
Two universities are famous for chemical industry: East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Institute of Technology.
Park Service
Will my project be restricted by environment impact assessment? First, enterprises accord with our park’s industry planning are preferred. Second, the projects list...
What is register capital, total investment and tax requirement? The investment should be at least 5million RMB/mu, after going into operation, the annual output sho...
The products of our company are ……., which kind of workshop should I r... According to the specialty of the chemicals, we will recommend different kinds of workshops to custo...
Can I rent a workshop? Or Can I buy a workshop for producing? We still have a lot of vacant workshops for renting. Some of the workshops are owned by development ...
Can I get the land by other ways except land leasing? We encourage enterprises get the land by several ways, such as ”first rent then buy”,”renting combin...
How long is the land use term? If the land is expired, what should I d... In Shanghai , the industrial land leasing is flexible. The enterprise can hold the land for at least...